‘Ask Debbie Sue’ Dating advice with author & comedian Debbie Sue Goodman


I hope all my readers had a wonderful Holiday. Happy New Year! So far, the weather has been pretty good and warmer than most winters. This weekend we have some snow & sleet. I look forward to spring. I won an Oscar-related award for, ‘Best Comedian.’ I’m very happy & honored to win this award! A huge, ‘Thank you’ to my dear friend, Sandra. This month’s column is about dating someone that becomes possessive and what to do about it. Many of my female readers have asked what they should do if they’re dating a guy that wants to know their where-abouts every day & becomes too possessive. Perhaps these guys are insecure or they behave this way for other reasons. But, whatever the reason is for their behavior, it is best to move on and date someone else. If your first instinct tells you that something isn’t right, then go with your first instinct.

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