‘Ask Debbie Sue’ Dating advice with author & comedian Debbie Sue Goodman


I hope everyone is having a nice month. Time flies by so fast. Summer is almost over already. The weather is cooling down. I’ve been keeping busy. I’m very honored to be nominated for, ‘Best Comedian’ for an ‘Oscars-related’ event on December 1, 2019!

I am very lucky to have wonderful male & female friends in my life. I’ve been getting numerous letters from my readers asking for ideas on how to find ‘Mr.’ or ‘Miss Right.’ For anyone that doesn’t want to try online dating, there are other ways to try to meet that special someone. Perhaps joining a Meet-up group with others that have the same interests you have. If you like playing board games, join a group that plays board games. If you like playing volleyball, join a group that plays Volleyball. There’s probably a Meet-up group for any hobby you enjoy. Even if you don’t find a partner to share your life with, it can be a fun way to meet new friends too. At my comedy appearances and author events everyone in the audience is always so friendly and they tell me about their dating experiences. Some married couples tell me how they found that ‘special someone’ to spend their life with. In my comedy show, Besides doing my celebrity impressions, I talk about different humorous dating experiences & fun ways to meet someone. The following date is from my first book. (When pay phones were still around.)

I found out you can meet a date in unusual places. For instance, I was standing in line at my local post office, minding my own business when the guy in front of me turned around. He was holding a bunch of envelopes. He said, “With a face like that, I feel like I can tell you anything.” He said, “I’m going to tell you everything.” He continued, “I lost my last four jobs, yep they fired me. I’m mailing out six resumes and my car was re-possessed.” So, I gave him my phone number. Not sure why, he looked like a nice guy. He called me up the next day and I heard a strange noise in the background. It sounded like a washer and dryer. Sure enough, he said, “I’m calling you from the local Laundromat, on a pay phone. They took my phone away. I only have a minute to talk because I’m running out of change. But, I’d like to take you out on a date… For a WALK!” I replied, “A WALK?! I don’t do things like THAT on the first date…

To the reader that asked to be anonymous: You say the guy you’ve been dating for a month is criticizing your clothes, your hair & your shoes every time you go out with him? He showed you photos of his ex & wants you to wear the same style clothes & have the same hair style? He’s telling you to change your hair color? First, you didn’t mention if you ever asked him why he’s criticizing everything you wear & your hair. It sounds like he’s trying to ‘change’ you. You said he’s divorced & he mentioned his ex-wife several times since you’ve been dating him. It sounds like he’s trying to turn you into his x-wife. From everything you’ve said, it’s very apparent that this guy clearly is not over his ex. The best advice I could give you is to speak to him about his behavior. Tell him you’re not changing your style for him or anyone. He needs to like you just the way you are. If he can’t change this pattern of behavior then it’s best for you to move on. There are plenty of guys out there that will enjoy your company & not want to ‘change’ you into something or someone you’re not. Good luck to you!

Until next time.. Have a wonderful week and “Keep Smiling!”

Debbie Sue

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