‘Ask Debbie Sue’ Dating advice with author & comedian Debbie Sue Goodman


(Dressed up in a flapper costume. Happy Halloween!)

I hope everyone is doing well. I hope you all had a Happy Halloween. In this month’s column I’m answering a couple of questions from my readers. I’m also enclosing a poem I wrote many years ago & included it in my first book, ‘Still Single.’ I’m currently turning my poem into a song.

Dear Debbie Sue: ‘I’m in my late thirties and was never married. In college I dated a guy that I thought I was going to marry. It didn’t work out. He got a job transfer out of state and I didn’t want to move at the time. We kept in touch for a few years after college then lost touch with each other. I hadn’t talked to him for many years. I was at a friends cocktail party one evening & one of the guests brought up my old flames name. I was so surprised to find out he moved back to town. The guest gave me his number. She knew him. To make a long story short, I’m so happy I went to that party. I re-connected with my first crush, my only boyfriend. We live together now and are engaged. I wanted to share my story with you. I enjoy your column.’ Belinda.

Dear Belinda: Thank you so much for sending your heartwarming story! I’m so happy for you! That’s so wonderful that you re-connected with your old flame. Sometimes things are just ‘meant to be.’ Your love story is one of them. Good luck to you!

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‘Ask Debbie Sue’ Dating advice with author & comedian Debbie Sue Goodman


I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. Every week I receive many e-mails from readers that have asked questions about, how to search for the right man or woman to date. I find that if you’re engaging in activities you enjoy, Mr. or Miss Right may be there enjoying the same activities. Go dancing, skiing, bowling, golfing- whatever you’re interests are and perhaps your soul mate will be there. If not, at least you’re doing something that you enjoy. In my comedy shows I sometimes talk about some unusual dates my mom went on when she became a widow. She has been deceased for over 5 years now. Her spirit & her love is in my heart forever. I miss her so much & I think about all the things she shared with me. When she tried dating after being a widow for many years, she went on some humorous dates. She went out with one guy that met her & he was wearing green slacks, green shirt, green tie, green socks & ordered green tea!

Many years ago, I had a date with a guy I met at the health club. This date is also included in my book, ‘Still Dating.’ I found out you can meet someone single, in a fun way. I enjoy walking and working out every day.

I met a guy while walking the track at my health club. We made plans to meet for dinner at a restaurant in a shopping mall.

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‘Ask Debbie Sue’ Dating advice with author & comedian Debbie Sue Goodman

Debbies mom
Debbie Sue and her mom, Lois. Debbie’s book “Still Single” is dedicated to her mom.


I hope everyone is having a good spring even though the weather feels like it’s still winter. I hope it warms up soon. I do enjoy the 60’s & 70’s type of weather though. This month’s column is dedicated to my beautiful Mom who passed away 5 years ago. I can’t believe how fast time flies by. The photo on the top of this column was always one of my favorite photos of my Mom & I. It was taken on Mother’s Day several years ago when we went out for brunch. I’m enclosing a poem I wrote to my Mom many years ago. It’s also included in my first book, ‘Still Single.’ It’s called,

My Mom My Angel

How can I thank you for always being there?
To offer your special, sweet loving care.
You are always around,
To put a smile over my frown.
You ease my heartache and troubles by talking them out,
You always know what I’m worried about.
My Mom My Angel, you show your love in such a special way,
I want to thank you my Angel, if I may.
For the kindness & caring you show me each day.
For the loving things you do and say.

Everyone loves your class and grace, your charity and beauty,
the kind of lady little girls want to be.
As a Mom and friend you are so kind, giving sharing and loving, people can see,
I’m your daughter and so proud to be!

My Mom my Angel, you show your love in such a special way,
I want to thank you my Angel if I may.
For the kindness and caring you show me each day, for the loving things you do and say.
My Mom, a lady so special, so sweet, you won my heart.
You are my life, it’s true,
As a gift, If I could, I’d wrap up all the love in the world and give it to you!

Happy Mother’s Day, My beautiful Mom, My Angel up in heaven. I love you and miss you so much!

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‘Ask Debbie Sue’ Dating advice with author & comedian Debbie Sue Goodman


I hope everyone’s having a great summer! This month I’m answering a question that I’ve received from several of my readers. About losing touch with a good friend that has either moved far away or friends that don’t see each other anymore after many years of friendship. I’m also enclosing a poem from my first book. I wrote this poem many years ago, when one of my dear friends moved out of state & the distance between us had changed our friendship. We lost touch. I’m also answering a couple of questions from readers that wished to remain anonymous. Several male readers wrote that they ‘miss’ their buddies from college or their neighbors or whoever they were friends with after years of hanging out together. Try not to be sad that the friendships have ended. People come in & out of your life for a reason. They will always hold a special place in your heart. Treasure the times you shared together with your buddy/friend. Always remember the good times. Move forward, meet new friends & start new friendships.

Dear Friend

I miss you dear friend wherever you are,

You lived so close and now you are so far.

I cannot understand why it had to end.
We were so close, you were my best friend.

The talks we had, the times we shared,
You were always there and you really cared.

There were times we hurt each other and didn’t talk. It wasn’t right.
I’d still give anything to see you again for one night.

We enjoyed movies, clubs and danced the night away.
Oh, how I miss you dear friend today.

If I only knew how much I’d miss your smile,
Oh, If I could see you again for awhile.

I remember how we talked for hours and laughed so hard we cried,
The tears won’t subside. I miss you dear friend, a part of me has died.

That part of me only you knew my friend.
A part of me I never shared with anyone ever again.

This year has been so long..
Our friendship ending was so wrong.

Could we ever go back to what we had?
I’m heartbroken and so terribly sad.

Though we’re not talking, you’re forever in my heart.
This way, I know we’ll never be apart.

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‘Ask Debbie Sue’ Dating advice with author & comedian Debbie Sue Goodman


I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. The weather’s been so nice this week. It would be great if it stayed this way all summer instead of the really hot weather we had earlier in the month. I’d like to thank all my readers for all your wonderful e-mails. I also would like to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my mom. She’s feeling much better and doing wonderful!

To all my readers that have been writing to me on my regular e-mail. I’ll continue to write you back as fast as I can.

In my first column back in October of 2010, people asked me for ideas on how to find Mr. or Miss Right. I think its best that if you do the activities that you enjoy, then hopefully someone special will find you while you’re doing those fun things you like to do and they’ll start a conversation with you. It can be anything from working out in the health club to just sitting with a cup of tea in a café. I’m very lucky to have many wonderful male and female friends in my life.

In my letters, a few readers have asked me to write about one of my first humorous dating stories. In this week’s column, I’m including one of my favorite short stories from my first book, ‘Still Single.’

At my comedy appearances and author events everyone in the audience is always so friendly and after the show some women ask me for advice on how to find the right guy. I found out you can meet men in unusual places. For instance, I was standing in line at my local post office, minding my own business when the guy in front of me turned around. He was holding a bunch of envelopes. He said, “With a face like that, I feel like I can tell you anything.” He said, “I’m going to tell you everything.” He continued, “I lost my last four jobs, yep they fired me. I’m mailing out six resumes and my car was re-possessed.”

So, I gave him my phone number. Not sure why, but, he looked like a nice guy. He called me up the next day and I heard a strange noise in the background. It sounded like a washer and dryer. Sure enough, He said, “I’m calling you from the local Laundromat. They took my phone away. I only have a minute to talk because I’m running out of change. But, I’d like to take you on a date… For a WALK!” I replied, “A WALK?! I don’t do things like that on the first date..”

Until next time.. Have a wonderful week and “Keep Smiling!”

Debbie Sue