‘Ask Debbie Sue’ Dating advice with author & comedian Debbie Sue Goodman


(Dressed up in a flapper costume. Happy Halloween!)

I hope everyone is doing well. I hope you all had a Happy Halloween. In this month’s column I’m answering a couple of questions from my readers. I’m also enclosing a poem I wrote many years ago & included it in my first book, ‘Still Single.’ I’m currently turning my poem into a song.

Dear Debbie Sue: ‘I’m in my late thirties and was never married. In college I dated a guy that I thought I was going to marry. It didn’t work out. He got a job transfer out of state and I didn’t want to move at the time. We kept in touch for a few years after college then lost touch with each other. I hadn’t talked to him for many years. I was at a friends cocktail party one evening & one of the guests brought up my old flames name. I was so surprised to find out he moved back to town. The guest gave me his number. She knew him. To make a long story short, I’m so happy I went to that party. I re-connected with my first crush, my only boyfriend. We live together now and are engaged. I wanted to share my story with you. I enjoy your column.’ Belinda.

Dear Belinda: Thank you so much for sending your heartwarming story! I’m so happy for you! That’s so wonderful that you re-connected with your old flame. Sometimes things are just ‘meant to be.’ Your love story is one of them. Good luck to you!

Dear Debbie Sue: ‘I’m dating a gal I went all through school with. We met in Junior high. We stayed friends. We’re both 30 years old. I tried dating other women but this gal was always there for me whenever it didn’t work out with other women. Only thing is, I’m not ready to marry her. I feel a very close friendship with her. I do love her. I can imagine the rest of my life with her. But, I’ve known many friends and co-workers that have gone through divorces and it scares me. I’m not ready to walk down the aisle yet. I don’t know how to tell my girlfriend my feelings. She wants to be married and start a family. I would happy living with her. But, I know she won’t agree to that.’ Happily single.

Dear Happily single: It’s wonderful that you found someone you feel comfortable with and love to be with. You should concentrate on your feelings of happiness with her and not worry about divorce. Your co-workers and friends may have had reasons, that you don’t know about, of why they got divorced. You shouldn’t dwell on something that may never happen in your relationship. You’ve been together quite awhile. Your girlfriend wants to be married and start a family. If this is something you don’t want, you need to tell her. So, she knows how you feel. She can then decide what’s best for her. If she doesn’t want to live with you, without marriage, then you need to respect her decision. She may not be happy after you tell her your feelings. This maybe a deal breaker for her. I hope it works out for both of you. I do think you’ll make the right decision. Good luck to you!

You’re Back in my Life” poem/song

You’re back in my life. In my heart I know I’ll, soon be your wife.

The time we spent apart was good for us to see, We belong together. It was meant to be.

Almost a year went by since we’ve seen each other last. Missing you gave me the time to reflect on our past.

Your job took you away, Now you are home and here to stay.

(Chorus) You’re back in my life, In my heart I know I’ll, soon be your wife. The Time we spent apart was good for us to see, We belong together. It was meant to be.

All our troubles are in the past. Now and always, our love will last.

Why did we have our doubts? Our love is so strong. We both knew where we belong.

As long as we’re together, everything will work out. Our love will get us through. There is no doubt.

Looking forward to our future together.

Sharing our life, our love, our dreams now and forever.

We belong together it was meant to be.

Until next time.. Stay well! Stay safe! ‘Keep smiling!’

Debbie Sue

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