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My Mom My Angel

A song (poem) from the book, ‘Still Single‘ Written by, Author & Comedian: Debbie Sue Goodman. Dedicated to her mom Lois.

Debbie Sue is an author of 3 books” ‘Still Single‘ ‘Still Dating‘ & ‘My Husband the Stranger

She has written a humorous screenplay titled, ‘Dating Dilemmas

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Debbie Sue Music

‘You’re Back in my Life’

Lyrics by: Debbie Sue Goodman

Music by: Mitch Speck

Debbie Sue Goodman is an Author of 3 books, Comedian, Vocalist, Impressionist & Lyricist.

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Debbie Sue wrote the Screenplay: ‘Dating Dilemmas.’

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‘Ask Debbie Sue’ Dating advice with author & comedian Debbie Sue Goodman


(Dressed up in a flapper costume. Happy Halloween!)

I hope everyone is doing well. I hope you all had a Happy Halloween. In this month’s column I’m answering a couple of questions from my readers. I’m also enclosing a poem I wrote many years ago & included it in my first book, ‘Still Single.’ I’m currently turning my poem into a song.

Dear Debbie Sue: ‘I’m in my late thirties and was never married. In college I dated a guy that I thought I was going to marry. It didn’t work out. He got a job transfer out of state and I didn’t want to move at the time. We kept in touch for a few years after college then lost touch with each other. I hadn’t talked to him for many years. I was at a friends cocktail party one evening & one of the guests brought up my old flames name. I was so surprised to find out he moved back to town. The guest gave me his number. She knew him. To make a long story short, I’m so happy I went to that party. I re-connected with my first crush, my only boyfriend. We live together now and are engaged. I wanted to share my story with you. I enjoy your column.’ Belinda.

Dear Belinda: Thank you so much for sending your heartwarming story! I’m so happy for you! That’s so wonderful that you re-connected with your old flame. Sometimes things are just ‘meant to be.’ Your love story is one of them. Good luck to you!

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‘Ask Debbie Sue’ Dating advice with author & comedian Debbie Sue Goodman


I hope all my readers are having a wonderful month. I’ve been keeping busy. The weather is starting to cool off. The 60’s & 70’s, fall-like temperatures have always been my favorite. In the next few columns, I’ll be enclosing some of my short stories, poems and excerpts from my three published books, ‘Still Single’ ‘Still Dating’ and ‘My Husband the Stranger.’ As most of you know, my first two books include humorous dating stories. ‘My Husband the Stranger’ is a novel based on a true story that is a drama. In this column I’m including a poem from, ‘Still Single.’

The first question is from my dear friend- Andre. He’s a model, actor and a very talented man.

Dear Debbie Sue: ‘What advice would you give to someone who is in the public eye and looking to date a non-celebrity and keep it private?’ Andre

Dear Andre: ‘I think there’s probably many celebrities that date a non- celebrity. Some even get married to a non-celeb. It’s very hard to keep a secret like that if you’re in the public eye & famous. You’d probably have to have a lot of meals at home. Can’t travel much or eat out now anyhow. But when we can travel they’d probably have to make up a reason they’re traveling together. For business or they’re ‘just friends.’ Sooner or later the truth comes out. It’s best to be honest & ‘open’ in a relationship and not try to hide it.’

I’ve had several letters through the years that readers have asked what to do if they’re dating someone that’s married. That’s a perfect example of having to ‘hide’ an affair or potential relationship. It’s always best to be true to your heart & your feelings. If someone wants to be in that type of relationship, they have to get used to constantly telling stories about where they’re going & what they’re doing. Although, sometimes that type of start to a relationship can occasionally work out, it’s usually best to start out on the right foot: by dating someone that is not married.

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